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~*Rabbit Warren*~

~version 3.0- Making EVERYTHING Metal~

i need a miracle, and not someone's charity
22 November 1981
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Blarg. I'm Indigo X, otherwise known as just plain Indy, lil' Indy, or (wowwie zowwie) my real name, which is Jess (for all you curious lil' buggers.

Indy likes: Metalocalypse, Barack Obama, Most cool music, drawing, writing, Gorillaz, Sanrio stuff, Anime, Wrestling, e-fedding, kitchy-Japanese-exotic-surf-skater-cutesy-goth-type-stuff, Brit slang, my friends, my family (at least one member at all times), junk food, the ocean, Changeling, Harry Potter, roller-coasters, and travelling. There's lots more, but I'd be here all day.

Indy hates: War, preachy people, critics with no basis to their, um, critiques, plagarists, boredom, slugs, dickheads, my family (at least one member at all times), spam mail, pop-ups, George Dubya, Nazis, oppression, homophobes, airheads, mayo, and a bunch of other things.

Excitable. Opinionated. Overly dramatic. E-Fedder.

Bored? Intrigued? Just go read the journal, silly hotdog.